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‘CoastView’ mobile app launches in the Apple App Store

Alaska-grown tech startup creates mobile app showcasing the coastlines of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, now available for iOS

Anchorage, Alaska – May 31, 2017 – Available today, the mobile app CoastView offers rare, up-close views of the coasts of Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon to iPhone users. It allows locals, as well as travelers, to see high-resolution images of almost any spot on the coast simply by touching a map. When traveling, users can see pictures of the coast they’re flying over, interact with a map, and read or listen to points of interest along the way.


A year and a half in the making, the CoastView app was created by an Alaska-based startup and was awarded funding for Alaskan innovators. CoastView got its start when its founders realized they could solve the problem of people flying over one of the most scenic coastlines in the world, but not being able to see it because of the aircraft’s elevation or weather conditions. They drew on their experience working together on a coastal mapping project to create a user-friendly app for their smartphones. Now when they fly along the coast (Seattle to Anchorage is a frequent route) they have answers to the questions: “I wonder where we are” and “I wonder what’s down there” and have an exciting way to pass the 3 hour flight. CoastView is also a handy tool for boaters of all kinds-from kayakers to cruise ship passengers-who wish to see low-tide images of the coast before they embark or while they’re at sea, and it’s a perfect companion for a drive along the coast of Oregon, or on the ferry to Dutch Harbor.

The CoastView mobile app works while traveling and while at home. From home the user can explore the coast by touching or searching for any location, or by entering a travel route and taking a slideshow tour. To use offline while traveling (in Airplane Mode, for example) the user downloads their route in advance while still on wifi and then enables tracking, allowing the app to show the images closest to the user. Thanks to the “i” info button the user can read or hear about points of interest on their route, making the app both entertaining and educational and creating an inexpensive ‘flight-seeing’ experience.

Due to the ruggedness and remoteness of so much of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska coasts, few people ever get to see it up close. One exception is one of the co-founders of CoastView, Dr. Carl Schoch, who is a coastal ecologist based in British Columbia and Alaska. He has flown, sailed, and studied much of this coastal region and was inspired to share its beauty.

“I built this app because it’s something I always wanted to have on an airplane. It’s gratifying now that every time I use the app in the plane, people around me are craning their necks to see what I’m looking at,” says Schoch. Schoch worked with geographer Amalie Couvillion and software engineer Mario Pilz to create CoastView.

CoastView is available to download and browse anywhere along the coast for free. Each travel volume of up to 1,000 images with maps and points of interest costs US $.99, and a one month subscription for unlimited images is $4.99. The app is available on Apple’s App Store. Perfect timing for the app, as the summer season has begun and many tourists will be flying along the coast on their way to or from Alaska.


To download the app: or look for CoastView in the App Store.