The CoastView App shows pictures and stories for exploring the coast, trip planning, even while you travel

Coastview Science Incorporated is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) company that brings pictures and stories about the Alaska and Pacific Northwest coast directly to your iPhone. Along with stunning photos, the CoastView mobile app features information about local ecology, history, culture, and businesses -- bringing to life the striking beauty of the coasts of Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon for visitors that fly over, cruise past, or explore from the comfort of home. 

Key features of the CoastView mobile app



Over a half-million images cover 50,000 miles of coastline. On average, that's a new image for every 300 feet of shoreline, covering Oregon to Alaska and everything in between. 

Alsek map.jpg


The interactive map lets you zoom in and out and look around with ease. 

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Points of interest help you learn about the region's history, nature, and culture. You can read or listen to the descriptions. 

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Other features of CoastView

CoastView screenshots