SEA-ANC: Our most popular route ✈️

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Do you fly between Anchorage and Seattle?

Have you ever flown between Seattle and Anchorage? Whether you've flown that route dozens of times or it's your first, turn your next flight into an adventure! 

See the beaches, bays, and hidden coastline that you're flying over. Listen to stories about the history of the area. And follow your flight path with the interactive map.  

The north Pacific coast is one of the most stunning coastlines in the world. Click the link below to get awesome pictures and interesting facts for your next flight between Seattle and Anchorage for free (works in either direction).

Pro tip:

Earn credits for free trips when you share the app with friends.

From the main screen or the travel library - touch the blue SHARE button on your screen's top right. Choose your delivery method (email, text, social media, etc.), write a note if you wish, and voila!

Each time you share, YOU earn 5 credits and YOUR FRIEND earns 10 credits, enough for a free trip!

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Credits make it interesting

One great thing about using credits is that you can use them to change up the CoastView content of routes you often fly. CoastView draws from 10s of thousands of possible coastal images and points of interest. Each time you travel you can download a different selection. So no two trips are the same; each time you'll see and learn about different places along your way. 

So if you share the app (or specific routes) with friends, you can earn credits. 10 credits will get you a free trip. Use the credits to get a different selection of images and information each time you fly between Seattle and Anchorage - or any other frequently flown route.


Flight-seeing in Alaska... for free!

Enjoy a custom flight-seeing trip to Alaska on your commercial flight.

Enjoy a custom flight-seeing trip to Alaska on your commercial flight.

Earn CoastView credits and flight-see for free.

You already know that you can use the CoastView mobile app during your flight or cruise to Alaska to see what you're flying over or cruising by. But did you know that now you can do it for free? We've added loads of new features to the CoastView mobile app, including ways to earn credits for free CoastView trips. It's easy: earn credits when you login to the app or share an image with friends.

10 credits is all it takes to earn a free flight-seeing trip in CoastView. See how you can earn credits and check your balance in the app's menu. If you have at least 10 credits accrued you can use them to buy a travel volume - for anywhere you choose! Just be sure to select and download your trip before you leave your home (or while you have a good wifi connection). Then you can access and enjoy all the images and information that CoastView provides during your flight or cruise, even if there's no wifi connection or you're in Airplane mode.

Credits are a new feature, so be sure to update your app if you previously installed it. With your updated app you can also:

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  • take a guided tour of the app
  • share photos and travel routes
  • listen to points of interest

Hint: use the blue-and-white share icon at the top right of your app screen to share the app by text or email or post to social media.

Find helpful how-to videos for more tips on using CoastView!


5 Things to Bring on Your Cruise to Alaska (that you already own)

What makes a perfect vacation? If you're like me, you want memorable experiences, fun and relaxation, and a good friend to share it with. You want to make every moment count.

To me, making every moment count during a vacation means paying attention to the things I lack at home - the sounds, smells, and sights that are different from the place I live.

So if you haven't been to Alaska before, here's a short list of things to pay attention to. Don't just experience Alaska with your eyes, use your whole body to build a memory that you can take home with you.

Our best photography tip? Use a helicopter.

One question we hear a lot is, "How did you get the amazing photos you will use in the CoastView app?"

That's a great question, and the answer is a story we like to share.

The photos are from a mapping project called ShoreZone.  ShoreZone was developed back in the early 1980s in Canada as a tool to help the local British Columbia government respond to offshore oil spills. The ShoreZone scientists created a system to describe sections of the coast - for example, whether it's sandy or rocky, and what kinds of plants grow there. And to help them map these features, the scientists took to low-flying planes and helicopters to shoot close-up pictures of the coast.