1.09 - Improved user interface

We always try to improve the app by keeping it as simple as possible and giving you maximum power over the content at the same time. In an effort to put more focus on what matters most, the beautiful imagery, we moved the thumb photo scroller to the bottom and also made them smaller. This leaves more room for photos and the map. We hope you'll enjoy the new interface.


1.07 - Credits & Referral System


You can now earn credits ("coins") by using the app. Ten credits are worth one free travel volume. Choose to spend your credits during the regular checkout dialog. Also, don't forget to login to the app to be sure to save your credits across installs, app updates and all of your devices. 


be invited to the app by a friend


per purchase



invite friends (per install)



install the app (5 credits)


login to the app

1.06 - Location & Tracking

This release simplifies the use of the location button. The round button with the arrow shaped icon at the upper right of the app screen now does the following:

First tap

Pan to your current position and load nearby photos and information.

Bild 28.07.17 um 00.20.jpg

Second tap

Tracking is enabled. That means that the map follows your position and nearby photos are displayed automatically.