Blue Magpie, Yaquina Bay

Blue Magpie wrecked on the Oregon coast in 1983. The ship was a Japanese freighter, owned by Jinyu Shipping Company, 344 feet (105-metre) in length. On 19 November, Blue Magpie was en route to Vancouver, to pick up lumber, after unloading a cargo of Salvadoran coffee in Long Beach, California. Caught up in a storm, the ship attempted to take shelter in Yaquina Bay, Oregon but smashed into a coastal rock jetty and broke apart, causing a major oil spill. The vessel's nineteen South Korean crew members were unharmed, and were retrieved from the wreck by helicopter. An estimated 70,000 gallons (265,000 litres) of Bunker C oil leaked from the wreckage. Read more here and here. Click here to download the CoastView app and explore more of Newport and Yaquina Bay.