Hubbard Glacier, Disenchantment Bay

The Hubbard Glacier is a surging glacier located near Yakutat in eastern Alaska. It originates 122 kilometres (76 mi) from its terminus in Disenchantment Bay at an elevation of around 3,400 m (11,000 feet) in the Canadian Yukon. It takes about 400 years for ice to traverse the length of the glacier. When the Hubbard surged in May 1986, the ice blocked the entrance to Russell Fjord. The dammed meltwater from surrounding glaciers raised the fjord's water level by 25 m (82 ft) before the ice dam failed on October 8. In spring 2002, the glacier surged again and closed the opening between Disenchantment Bay and Russell Fjord. The level of the ice-dammed fjord increased by nearly 20 m (66 ft) before the dam broke on August 14, 2002, reestablishing the connection to the bay. A major surge of the Hubbard could potentially block Russell Fjord and cause an overflow that would endanger the village of Yakutat. Read more here and here. Click here to download the CoastView app and explore the Hubbard Glacier and Disenchantment Bay.