Elfin Cove, Chichagof Island

Elfin Cove in Southeast Alaska has about 30 full-time residents and is accessible only by float plane or boat. The community lies about 80 miles west of Juneau on the northern shore of Chichagof Island and is near the fishing grounds of Cross Sound. It is surrounded by the Tongass National Forest, and in the busy summer months, the local businesses serve the commercial fishing fleets and tourists. The village can be traversed via a short network of boardwalks with stairs and ramps. At the top of the ramp from the Gunk Hole harbor is a museum, housed in the former school building that closed when the population of children in the village dropped below the minimum of ten. The network of boardwalks leads to the outer harbor, passing a small gear store and repair shop, some lodgings, a building that houses showers and laundry, and a combination general store and liquor store. Read more here and here. Click here to download the CoastView app and explore more of Elfin Cove.